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Where to get Green Smoke Smokeless Cigarettes or E Cigarette - It's Time To Switch

Saturday, August 01st, 2011 at 09:15 am

Green Smoke is a one of the proven e-cigarette whose manufacturers continue to develop state-of-the art improvements to the Green Smoke tradition. When you are purchasing e-cigarette from Green Smoke that means you are buying it from a very highly successful US Company. Green smoke company is fully committed for delivering order every time. Shipments will be made quickly and I acquainted from my experience that Green Smoke consider the customers first.

The Green Smoke electronic Cigarette has remarkable inhaling & smoke production experience. It has solid batteries and chargers with good nicotine hit. It is available in 8 nicotine cartridge flavors at 5 nicotine strength levels as 0mg, 4mg, 6mg, 8mg, and 16mg. Green Smoke has implemented a convenient and practical two-stage delivery system. Green smoke is the best e cigarette product that introduce into the market since 2008. It provides smokers with an reliable smoking experience and this is less harmful than traditional tobacco cigarettes. This is not all but it also saves your money. Yes, there are so many cigarette available in the market out there but the people at Green Smoke is designed an electronic best e cig with only 2 components which is screw into one another

Below is a comparison of Green Smoke vs Most other brands:

Green Smoke Most Other Brands

Elegantly designed with only 2
components that screw into one another.
Have 3 pieces or a lower quality two
piece design.
One-step cartridge replacement:
Unscrew battery from old cartridge and
screw onto new one.
Requires many steps to replace
cartridge: Disassemble mouthpiece,
pull out old cartridge, insert new one,
and screw mouthpiece back on.
The atomizer is integrated into the disposable
cartridge along with the nicotine pad, and is
always renewed with each replacement.
The atomizing mechanism is a not
disposable and loses performance as it
gets clogged with use. The two piece
models have inconsistent cartridges.
Nicotine pad is built into cartridge: You
never need to touch it, and it never leaks.
Wet nicotine pad needs to be unwrapped
and inserted manually into mouthpiece,
leaving a leaky mess and your fingers wet.

Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette Full Review

Company : Green Smoke
Price : $109.00 to $139.00
Cartridge Price : 5 Pack: $14.75, 8 Pack: $24.95
Flavors : Chocolate, Coffee, Menthol, Regular (tobacco), Marlboro,
Vanilla, Apple and Strawberry.
Strengths : 0mg, 4mg, 6mg, 8mg, and 16mg
Discount : CLICK HERE to get a 10% discount on your Green Smoke order.
Warranty : Yes (30 day money back, 1 year limited)

For smokers it is easier to kick of the habit smoking due to only making of Green Smoke electronic cigarette. It is provides a cleaner “SAFE SMOKING” experience to the users. Green smoke e-cigs has rechargeable battery with cartridge have vaporized nicotine solution; this is one of benefits of e-cigs for both the user (active smoking) and those around them (passive smoking). Using the Green Smoke best e cig there is no problem of more smoke, no smelly clothes even users need not have to worry about tar, ash, stubs, and not that terrible cigarette smell on the breath, yellowing teeth or getting a light. Also there is no exiting unsafe smoke so people around them no longer have to worry about carbon monoxide or passive smoking. Overall I am completely pleased with the Green Smoke’s product and I doubt I will be going back to traditional tobacco cigarettes anytime soon.

Green Smoke electronic cigarette are better helping users regulate their nicotine intake. It offers you a range of nicotine strengths (0mg, 4mg, 6mg, 8mg, and 16mg) in its cartridges, so its user choice to select concentration as per our choice. It is helpful for users those who are ready to quit the smoking but didn’t get a kick off, so to quit smoking I recommend that you can start using Green Smoke, this is great because they can choose to use the lower level cartridges.

With many states creating bans on smoking traditional cigarettes, but now millions of people in America and the rest of the world are now considering best e cig as a safer alternative for their health, smoking bans, outrageous taxes and other costs. The Green Smoke best e cigarette sallow people to "smoke" almost anywhere.

Conventional tobacco smoking is becoming more and more frowned upon and Green Smoke best e cigs allow people trying to get their fix to be somewhat inconspicuous. For people who like want to mix it up a little, Green Smoke provides variety of ranges in flavors from where user can choose.

Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette Review - Basic Starter Kit
  • Green Smoke Starter Kit Contents
  • - 2 Batteries: 1 Major, 1 Small
  • - 5 Medium Tobacco Cartridges
  • - Wall Charger: 110v
  • - A USB Charger
  • - A "Membership Card"
  • - The Manual

Smoke Quality:

Green Smoke is really the best e cigarette on the market today. I have also tried other common electronic cigs brands but they did not cut it for me. Also one company even I send back their product within a month of purchase because there was a manufacturing error!! With Green Smoke, you are getting the highest vapor volume. The Green Smoke best e cigarette starter kits are some of the much more increased priced starter kits on the sector. I actually used this Green Smokeless cigarettes; feel of that are really have a significant quality product. However I believe the selling price could be decreased a very little. The Green Smoke determinedly puts out far more smoke than any other common brand I have tried.


The Green Smoke is really a easy to use, no any difficulty to understand how to use cigarette. It is a less difficult to smoke than a normal cigarette & it want require lighter.

Two piece Smokeless cigarettes is very convenient design because the atomizer is built into the replacement cartridge. It is One-step cartridge replacement i.e. " Unscrew battery from old cartridge and screw onto new one ". So every time you replace a nicotine cartridge, you actually replace the atomizer that’s one nice thing. The most lighted tip of this E-Cigs product is developed for ease of use.

Benefits and uses of electronic cigarette:

  • Green Smoke e-cig do not having any of the 4000+ cancer causing chemicals present in a traditional cigarette like Carbon monoxide, Tar, and tobacco!!!. The atomizer vaporizes propylene glycol and a small dose of nicotine, thus no ignition or flame is needed. Also enjoying the taste and feelings similar as conventional cigarette
  • Using Green Smoke Smokeless cigarettes you can enjoy smoking experience indoors or virtually anywhere without harming or offending other people around you.
  • Switching from traditional cigarette instantly eliminating up to 50% of your yearly smoking expense.
  • It has come up with rechargeable batteries so it is easy to carry your Green Smoke E-Cig whenever and wherever you want it.
  • Smoking with Green Smoke E-cigs is safer to you and the ones around you due to no second-hand smoke is produced from smoking an Green Smoke E-cig.
  • It does not cause second hand health risks and side effects. Safe smoking, no dangerous for health.
  • It is not a fire hazard.
  • It is cheaper saving your money than the conventional cigarette in the medium to long run.
  • It can be smoked anywhere like hotels, pubs, casinos and restaurants
  • Helps in quit smoking.
  • No bad breath or stained teeth.

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    Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette Review

    You can try it for yourself! I am sure you won’t be disappointed!!

    Conclusion To The Green Smoke Review

    From all E-Cigs manufactures the Green smoke e-cig is an absolutely outstanding product and if you are thinking of purchasing one which should be at the top of your list, then I recommend that you should go for Green Smoke E Cigarrete. The service of Green Smoke is too good, this company has always provided cutting edge of the industry products and there offer have made them an even more attractive prospect. Along with this they provide really fast and good service. If you are not satisfied with e cig product experience so they also provide a money back guarantee which will get you a full refund.

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